Quarantine Bean Dip
If you’re cooking and adding beans to everything these days like minestrone, soup, stews, etc., this is a great way to use up the extras. If you don’t have tahini, just use a tiny bit more olive oil. The fat from the olive oil and/or tahini is what makes the dip a little more decadent. Specific quantities are listed below, but just adjust to what you have on hand and your taste. FYI: this also works with canned beans.
  1. In a food processor add all of your ingredients and process until creamy. If you like it super loose, add a little water.
Recipe Notes

This can be used as a dip (pictured above) to be spread on crackers, or thinned and mixed in with warm pasta topped with shrimp or roasted walnuts, spread on a sandwich with some avocado and greens, etc.

The recipe is super flexible — just taste it as you make to adjust for lemon, salt, texture.