McDevitt Taco Supply

McDevitt Taco Supply

We live near a strip mall on the corner of Foothills and Baseline called “Meadows on the Parkway.” I know this probably conjures up some lovely bucolic setting where one might see sheep grazing amongst Aston Martins, right?  Nah. Most people in Boulder either know of the shopping area because of the Glacier ice cream shop near the entrance, Jared Polis’ old headquarters or the now vacant Michael’s craft store. In other words, it’s an easily forgotten or completely overlooked intersection of depressing commerce. Hell, even though it’s only a few blocks from my house, I avoid going to the Safeway that anchors the handful of remaining stores if at all possible.

When the Blockbuster that occupied the enormous corner lot folded, we actively prayed to the food gods for a brewpub with a rooftop deck take its place.  Apparently, there was a serious miscommunication because instead, we got an O’Reilly Auto Parts.  As my husband pointed out, at least now we don’t have to leave the city to get new wiper blades.

The strip mall has limped along for the past decade with a few new additions that lots of locals love, like aforementioned Glacier and Gondolier. But about six weeks ago hope in the form of a taco came to our sad little pocket of commerce.

taco, boulder, food truckMcDevitt Taco Supply started out as a food truck and expanded to catering and now a full-blown restaurant nestled near Big Daddy Bagels. It’s a tiny space, but well worth a visit, especially at happy hour. On a recent visit, our family of now three (the fourth is at college) enjoyed chips, homemade salsa and five tacos for $15 (tip included). The Kale, Yeah! tacos were overflowing with brightly flavored vegetables and the Slow Roasted Pork taco was apparently so good the one eating it didn’t even offer the other meat-eater at the table a bite. If we hadn’t been feeling so virtuous or it wasn’t 34 degrees, we would have definitely enjoyed one of their homemade house margaritas at the happy hour price of just $4.

We might not ever get that brewpub with a rooftop deck, but at least now we have a decent place to grab a quick, tasty taco and a yummy margarita. Hopefully, other business owners will consider checking out our now taco-happy Meadows on the Parkway (did I mention it has a ton of free parking?!) and be inspired to open up a yoga studio, bike shop, cocktail bar, smart boutique, etc.




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  • Hi, I googled taco meadows boulder – we are going there for the first time tonight – and your website popped up first. Really enjoy your stories and recipes! Read your sea salt story, sad news, and thought I’d mention a salt that friends brought from Peru. It’s from Maras near Cuzco, high up in the mountains. Comes in smaller than pea-sized chunks and is a bit more intense than many salts. It’s available online. Looking forward to trying your recipes, thanks!

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