Breakfast Solved

Breakfast Solved

Keto or ketogenic seems to be one of the hottest food trends of the moment. In fact, one of my favorite people in the natural/organic food industry, Shari Leidich, founder of Two Moms in the Raw and now the CEO of Know Brainer Foods, is leading the trend with her keto-happy coffee creamers and instant ketogenic drinks. I love her plain Know Brainer creamer when I’m traveling. It’s easy to pack (thank you, TSA) and a perfect breakfast. What is it? If you know of butter coffee or Bullet Proof coffee, it’s like that, but better. Check her out by ordering the sugar-busting sample six-pack.

Ok, but what the hell is a ketogenic diet and why would you eat that way? Basically, it’s no grains, no dairy, low-carbs, high fat and very, very little sugar. It’s super anti-inflammatory and some people claim it helps them think clearer and burn fat quicker. It’s also been proven to significantly help those suffering from epilepsy, as well as shrink or completely eliminate brain tumors.

Believe me, it’s definitely NOT my thing (sorry, Shari) because I love, love, love bread and really good cheese, BUT I listened and took note. So about a little over a year ago, I stopped eating my usual peanut butter toast and just had a cup of coffee with Know Brainer in it for breakfast. It was and still is awesome, but now my new favorite breakfast is one cup of organic blueberries (I buy them frozen from Costco) and about 1/4- 1/3 cup raw walnuts. That’s it. Why just walnuts and blueberries? Walnuts are very high in omega-3s, antioxidants and also anti-inflammatory, and blueberries are just little powerhouses of health with insanely high amounts of antioxidants, vitamins C and K and, supposedly are helpful against the ravages of age (Hello, 50!). Although this breakfast is technically not ketogenic, it does sustain me for 4+ hours, and it doesn’t weigh me down. I also believe it has helped with lifting some of my morning brain fog, or maybe that’s just thanks to the one thing I can’t imagine giving up — my one cup of coffee enriched with a hearty dollop of organic half-and-half that I sip while attempting to meditate for ten minutes each morning.


Check out this new study: Eating nuts on a regular basis strengthens brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, healing, learning, memory, and other key brain functions, according to a new study by Loma Linda University:

““This study provides significant beneficial findings by demonstrating that nuts are as good for your brain as they are for the rest of your body,” Berk said, adding that he expects future studies will reveal that they make other contributions to the brain and nervous system as well.” — Lee Berk, DrPH, MPH, associate dean for research at the LLU School of Allied Health Professions,

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